From the 3D Scan to the CAD Model

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From the 3D Scan to the CAD Model

In conventional production, the individual steps are usually easy and understandable for most people. As a rule, everything starts with an idea, a drawing and leads to a model and finally the finished product. If, for whatever reason, parts or products have to be re-produced or reproduced, you have to start all over again. In many cases this is no longer possible – for example, because design intentions or plans do not exist. This is where reverse engineering can be the key to success. The service provided by Mako GmbH is exactly the opposite of conventional production. So we start with the finished component or product and at the end provide a model. Find out more about the possibility of developing parts back into a CAD model using a 3D scan.

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Reverse Engineering: From the 3D Scan to the CAD Model

As mentioned at the beginning, the reverse engineering process describes the conventional production process in exactly the opposite direction. More precisely, our service means reconstructing CAD surfaces and volume models. So restore. The industries and areas of application in which the Mako GmbH service is used are extremely diverse and hardly limited. Reverse engineering, in other words also referred to as remodeling, is used, for example, for defective or worn components for which there is no longer any design documentation. A 3D scan of the respective part and a subsequent conversion into a CAD model is often the only way to close supply gaps and replace components.

Areas of application of Reverse Engineering

We are happy to give you a few examples below of the areas in which reverse engineering is used. Let’s stay with the example of the tool industry. Reverse engineering effectively helps with:

  • New creation of tools or components for which there is no longer any documentation
  • Manual optimization of components or tools
  • Backup of tools as CAD data set
  • CAD creation for design models and templates

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For more topics related to reverse engineering, please visit our blog. In this you will find a wide range of topics and articles and you can get comprehensive information.

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