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Providing Reverse
Engineering Services Since 1998



Mako-Technics is a leading German brand of MAKO GmbH, providing excellent Reverse engineering services to global customers since 1998. We excel in providing exemplary 3D modeling services along with precise and accurate reverse engineering.

With experienced engineers who have the command on using various reverse engineering softwares, we provide a model that can be easily imported into your CAD software.

Scan to CAD or pointcloud to CAD

OUR company specializes in Reverse Engineering of 3D scans and pointcloud data into well-structured CAD files.

We use the following CAD Software:

  • Catia V6: used for modelling products in their daily real-life content
  • Creo: perfect for remodeling old parts that have incurred damaged or have missing areas
  • Solidworks: great for 2D and 3D designs as well as ECAD and MCAD integration
  • DesignX (Geomagic): this is one software that does everything, from recreating CAD for lost or damaged parts, to designing custom products
  • Siemens NX: Streamlines the product development process, from design and simulation to engineering and manufacturing
  • Auto Desk Inventor: provides a great blend of freeform, direct editing capabilities, and parametric tools

We will provide you with the native CAD files regardless of the software you choose. The ready CAD data will finally represent the outside volume structure of your item.

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Reverse Engineering
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Our Partner:

We work with partners from all over the world, to provide ready 3D scanning support at their scanning facilities or on site at your premises.

Our partners use a wide array of scanning machines such as: Shining3D, GOM, CREAFORM, Solutionix, Artec, Keyence, Leica, Faro and plenty more…

If you aren’t sure of the best scanner for your object, CONTACT US and we will help you take your pick.

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Catia Reverse Engineering

Our process:

Every step of reverse engineering process begins with choosing the right CAD software to suit your specifications. The Mako-Technics team then uses the software of your choice to rebuild your source file into high quality CAD data.

We dedicate a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated engineers to take on your project.

The project team decides the details of the reverse engineering process and agree on the quickest and most precise way of remodeling.

Teamwork is how we win at projects

TEAMWORK is the basis of every successful project. Our engineers work on your data as a team, to map out technical details and create an end product that is high quality, functional and usable.

One of the most important members of the team is the team member who reverse engineers within the software. He or she must have sufficient personal experience including:

  • Knowledge of all software functions
  • Know all the mouse functions and keyboard shortcuts
  • Construction experience
  • The best approach to use to produce the best results within the shortest time.

But that person cannot work without the support of the rest of the team. Which is why at Mako Technics, we emphasize teamwork above all else when handling projects.

With the use of the most modern technology, we can create a perfectly working model for our customers in no time. We excel in creating quick and highly affordable solutions for industrialists working in different casting businesses such as aluminum casting, dies casting, investment casting, injection molding, sand casting and tool making.

Mako-Technics guarantees timely and quality service to all our esteemed customers around the world.

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