Digital jetzt for Reverse Engineering

Govt. Funding with up to 55%

Take advantage of the opportunity and apply for Reverse Engineering with Digital jetzt to get up to 55% funding from the federal government of Germany.

We create CAD data for you from your 3D scan or pointcloud

This offers up new possibilities:

CAD data for ..

  • BIM applications of your customers
  • The installation of your assemblies in constructions
  • Perfecting your tools already in the development phase
  • Modification of tools to 100% optimized product for the highest customer demands
  • Creation of CAD data for spare or wear parts
Adobe Design


The above are some examples where reverse engineering as a step between the point cloud and CAD data brings new possibilities for digitization and optimization of your processes. The federal government is promoting digital initiatives and we, as a partner, are very happy to advise or examine with you how we can digitize processes and structures together as a TEAM.

For further details on Federal Govt. Support for Reverse Engineering, visit this link below:

Reverse Engineering Sample Data

Click here to download Reverse Engineering Sample Data

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