What is CATIA?

Catia Reverse Engineering: CATIA is a multi-platform software suite for generating computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided engineering (CAE), PLM and 3D. Operating on a PLM 2.0 platform, CATIA V6 is a 3D collaborative solution.

CATIA Reverse Engineering:

CATIA V6 is one of the leading software providing computer-aided engineering solutions. It is used in multiple industries worldwide for fast and accurate prediction of the CAD models. It involves several tools to design the product and provides various options for enhancement in the product development process.

CATIA enables digital prototyping including analysis and simulation for design and validation of function quality and performance at all stages of the design. Thus, CATIA Reverse Engineering stands for high quality and reliable models as it provides huge insight into key factors in quality and performance early in the product development phase. Our Engineers know how to make full use of the capabilities of this brilliant software.

CATIA Features:

  • CATIA V6 uses Spline Modelling that allows high precision
  • CATIA V6 redefines CAD from the purely physical product definition and expands it from digital mock-up to functional mock-up
  • The volumization system of CATIA and the accuracy of Spline modeling allows us to handle all traditional problems with reverse engineering
  • We use these functions to create the most accurate models
  • CATIA reverse engineering is fitting for use any industry worldwide

If you are looking to create those perfect 3D models, Mako-Technics is there to HELP!

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STL data and any point clouds are used to rebuild CAD parts. Mako-Technics is making efficient use of CATIA V6. We are experts in converting physical prototypes into virtual 3D models.

Our process:

Mako-Technics does this by enhancing the style and shape of the model. Coherent models are converted to their physical forms. Point clouds can be manipulated flexibly for the optimization of the digitized shapes. Robust inspection of the scanned models can be conducted to improve the quality of the developed models. Modeling geometrically well-defined shapes or aesthetically smooth surfaces is comparatively easy. However, modeling free-form surfaces can be challenging. It is made more accessible by the native tools available in CATIA. We provide accurate and high quality free from modeling service to our valued customers. We also offer parametric data. It can be used to induce quick changes in the model at any time in the future.

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