AR Future: Opportunities for the Working World

AR Zukunft

AR Future : Opportunities for the Working World

Augmented Reality, or AR for short, brings digital holograms into the real world. Industry currently represents the largest area of ​​application for this technology. Because it enables faster development of prototypes, shortens the planning time for processes and also offers many advantages in quality management. In the next few years, the number of applications for the technology will certainly continue to grow. A glimpse into the working world of the future made possible by AR.

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AR future offers for work

In Europe and special in Germany, remote work is still in its infancy despite the many possibilities. In many cases, people believe that only office jobs can be managed with mobile work. Intensive teamwork or more complex tasks would hardly be possible remotely. But that is often a mistake, because many areas of our daily work can already be completely digitized and thus done from the home office or even the hotel room. In many cases, only the appropriate devices and a stable and fast internet connection are required.

AR Zukunft

Augmented Reality has been around for a long time. In the recent past, the technology has greatly improved in terms of software and hardware as well as its usability. As mentioned at the beginning, industry currently represents the largest area of ​​application. AR is used here, for example, in the area of ​​planning processes and quality control. However, other, not necessarily industrial, areas can already benefit from AR, and will do so in the future. Just think of technical support. Thanks to AR, technicians working on site are no longer dependent on explaining the situation on site to colleagues from the service department over the phone and laboriously implementing individual steps. The colleagues in the background can be on site live via image transmission and interact directly with the colleague on site via tablets, smartphones or even AR glasses.

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AR future brings more efficient training opportunities

In order to train your own employees, they no longer necessarily have to be sent to other locations. In many cases, AR future offers the possibility of making such events more efficient and, above all, location-independent. Because of the technology, the training comes directly to the employees in their own environment. This also makes product presentations possible, as well as working on products with several people at the same time without having to physically hold them in your hands. This offers both companies and their employees enormous flexibility, and a new level of interaction is made possible. Not to forget: Long or frequent journeys can often be omitted. This not only protects the budget but also the environment.

Will work with AR future become more location-independent?

The Mako-Technics team assumes this to be the case. Because if interactions with objects or products no longer have to take place physically on site, but can be designed digitally and thus much more efficiently, both employers and employees benefit from this. The examples mentioned here are of course only a small, current snapshot. In the future, a wide variety of industries and areas will benefit from digitization and AR.

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