Reverse Engineering: Optimizing AR data

Reverse Engineering AR

Reverse Engineering: Optimizing AR data

Technologies are developing at an ever faster rate these days. In the future of the Internet, more and more augmented reality applications will find their way into all of our lives. This technology enables the merging of the digital and real worlds. Digital content is therefore added to reality. Online shops are a good example of this. Their products can be projected into the real environment at the push of a button via the smartphone and thus give the impression of being in front of you in the original size. Reverse engineering can make a significant contribution to obtaining optimized data for AR objects. In this article, the Mako GmbH team explains exactly how this works.

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Optimize AR data sets by Reverse Engineering

More and more online shops are now offering the function of displaying their products in the real environment using your own smartphone. Let’s think of digital shopping platforms such as furniture stores. The technology gives the consumer the opportunity to check exactly whether a piece of furniture fits in the desired place and whether the whole thing looks good too.
In order to be able to use this function, it is first necessary to have the respective object in digital form. It must therefore first be digitized with the help of a 3D scan. However, since a wide variety of objects are subject to errors and deviations from a mere scan due to their special surface structure, it is often necessary to optimize this data. This is exactly where the service from Mako-Technics can help.

Simply scanning objects is often not precise enough

In most cases, simply scanning objects is not precise enough. Many surfaces contain indentations, indentations, uneven curves, and more. In order to prepare these for augmented reality, the reverse engineering process helps to optimize the AR data. With its service, Mako-Technics ensures that precisely this data is extremely accurate. We correct and improve them to the extent that they help companies to merge their products from the digital to the real world through apps and AR applications. In this way, the consumer can then bring products and parts into the real world at the push of a button – for example simply by smartphone.

Reverse Engineering AR

Mako-Technics: Your partner for Reverse Engineering

The service provided by Mako GmbH starts with optimizing data obtained from a scan for AR applications using reverse engineering. The data we provide is not only helpful for online shops. The areas of architecture, digital trade fairs or industry 4.0 can also benefit from this service. The future of gaming, but also of digital learning, will become an experience thanks to augmented reality and will certainly soon become the new standard.

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