Catia V6 became 3DExperience

Catia V6

Catia V6 became 3DExperience

Catia V6 is a collective 3D software solution that connects non-CAD specialists and designers. It was developed for use on a PLM platform. The developer has renamed the product portfolio, Catia V6 became 3DExperience. In this article, the Mako-Technics team discusses this impressive software that sets new standards.

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Catia V6

What functions does Catia V6 / 3DExperience offer?

Companies can use their full potential with a 3D experience. Innovative construction solutions make this possible. Catia V6 redefines the term CAD. There is no longer a purely material product definition, but rather an extension from the digital mock-up to the functional mock-up. The levels necessary for product development are included here.

3DExperience provides its users with an intuitive, lean environment for their manufacturing and design activities. Users are now able to use the action bar with all context-related commands for the current task on the screen below. Commands were intelligently arranged in groups according to real workflows. In this way, users can find the right function easily and intuitively. Standardized symbols support learning and increase productivity.

Catia V6
Catia Engineering

The software enables users to create any type of 3D assembly for a variety of mechanical engineering processes.

Catia Design

3DExperience Design offers you all available solutions for the creativity of your designs, product experiences and space planning.

Catia V6Catia Systems

In Catia V6 Systems Engineering, complex product behavior is integrated into the product definition. It integrates the interdisciplinary modeling, simulation, testing and support of business processes.

Mako GmbH: Experts for Catia

The Mako GmbH team, based in Germany, is an expert in the field of reverse engineering. Intuitive, advanced software solutions are essential for us. We are very familiar with the use of Catia V6. Would you like to learn more about 3DExperience? Contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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