Which 3D Scanner is best suited for your Project?

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Which 3D Scanner is best suited for your Project?

The 3D scanner market is a diverse space with a wide range of products that come in all shapes, sizes, capabilities, and prices. Such choice, while a great thing in itself, can make sorting the goods from the ordinary a difficult task.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect entry-level scanner suitable for consumers or hobbyists, a more powerful machine with better software and workflows, or an industrial-level 3D scanner that can handle advanced tasks like quality control, reverse engineering, and maintenance, we’re confident you’ll find a scanner in this list that is up for the task and budget at hand.

If you are still uncertain about which scanner to use, contact a professional leader in Reverse Engineering and CAD software like Mako GmbH.

For 3D scanning of your items, we recommend state of the art 3D scan device from  Shining3D, Creaform, Solutionix or GOM.

Shining EinScan Pro 2X Plus

3d scanning

This scanner features:

  • High scanning speeds: (Handheld HD Scan) 20fps 1,100,000 points / s and (Handheld Rapid Scan)30fps1,500, 000points/s
  • 100 data acquisition lines
  • Enlarged scan area 312X204mm
  • works up to an accuracy of 0.05mm
  • Uses white light pattern
  • highly efficient in capturing 3D models of medium to large objects
  • Easily expanded with computer-controlled turntable or a color camera.
  • It catches fine details, so it’s good for scanning geometrically complex objects
  • Scans with precision and speed

Creaform Handyscan 3D

3d scanning

This handheld self-positioning scanner is perfect for industrial problems and features:

  • Dynamic referencing, for high resolution images even with movement
  • Can capture fine details
  • High accuracy 0.025 mm (0.0009 in)
  • Measurement rate of 1,300,000/s
  • Can scan a large area (11 laser crosses)
  • Lightweight, portable and requires no tripod or other devices to operate

The Solutionix C500

A competitive 3D scanner, preferable for scanning small to medium sized objects and perfect for industrial and personal use. It has these features:

  • Dual cameras to deliver high resolution scans
  • Automatic scanning of whole objects with one click
  • Active synchronization of model and camera views, allowing you to easily see the scanning positions and go for a rescan where needed.
  • Automatic calibration that is convenient and lets you scan an object with a single click
  • 3-axis turntable (TA300+) to facilitate scanning beyond limits
  • Install on a tripod to scan larger objects
  • No manual registration or targeting needed
  • (Desktop HD Scan) 20fps 1,100,000 points / s
  • 100 data acquisition lines
  • Enlarged scan area 312X204mm
  • 0.05 mm accuracy

GOM ATOS Triple Scan

A 3D scanner that uses blue light technology and is capable of measuring millions of points per scan. It has the following capabilities and features:

  • Easily detects shiny surfaces, fine edges and fissures
  • It’s great for inspection analysis
  • It can measure and inspect objects of different sizes, from small to extra large
  • Triple Scan functionality allows for scans in any type of lighting, faster, accurately and with less scan requirements
  • The scanner is photogrammetrically expanded, allowing it to capture multiple components at the same time.

For further details, contact this organization which is a partner of all the leading 3D scanner companies like Shining3D, Creaform, Solutionix and GOM.

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