Reverse Engineering of Free form Surfaces

Free form surfaces

Reverse Engineering of Free form Surfaces

Freeform surfaces are surfaces that not only consist of a small number of light geometries, but sometimes have complex shapes. Would you like to learn more about reverse engineering of these surfaces? Then you are exactly right here. The experts at Mako GmbH, based in Germany, will explain our services to you below and show you your options.

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Reverse engineering of free form surfaces: how does it work?

Reverse engineering means something like developing or reconstructing backwards. Components are usually created on the basis of a design. Here, on the other hand, existing objects are digitized and then transferred to CAD systems using reverse engineering. The goal of the entire procedure is to reverse engineer a component or object as precisely and as accurately as possible. This gives us a high quality digital copy of the object in question.


The digitization of surfaces

First of all, the surface is mapped digitally. Individual parts are recorded with the help of non-contact or mechanical measuring devices. The respective data is then converted into a point cloud. Either coordinate measuring machines, computed tomography or 3D scanners can be used for this. For the reverse engineering of free-form surfaces, we recommend using 3D scanners, similar to organic shapes. You are wondering why?

 Free form surfaces

3D scanners offer a decisive advantage. Complicated surfaces are no obstacle for them. On the contrary. You can record this effortlessly in the shortest possible time. In the case of freeform surfaces, large areas are divided into different, small surfaces, individually measured by scans and then digitally reassembled again. Using the CAD software best suited to the project, our team then turns the physical parts back into digital, parametric CAD models.

Reverse engineering: The Mako-Technics team

The engineers at Mako GmbH stand for reverse engineering at the highest level. Use our Know-How. You too can benefit from our expertise. Our team offers quality Made in Germany – your satisfaction is our aim. Do you have any questions about the contribution, about us or other things related to the industry? Contact us! We look forward to your inquiry.

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