Reverse Engineering for Aviation

Reverse Engineering Luftfahrt

Reverse Engineering for Aviation

The areas of application of reverse engineering are extremely diverse. More precisely, they are hardly limited. Reason enough for the Mako GmbH team to report regularly about them. In this post, our team addresses the topic of reverse engineering in aviation. Is it difficult to imagine the connection between these two areas? Then you are exactly right here! We would be happy to explain to you how RE helps to reverse engineer aircraft components for optimization, repairs or maintenance and to create new ones.

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Reverse Engineering in Aviation: Where does it start and where does it help?

For aircraft maintenance, it is important that engineers and technicians have quick access to spare parts. On the one hand, this applies to maintenance work and, on the other hand, to repairs and overhauls. This is the only way for aviation companies and airlines to keep their aircraft in the air.
For new or current aircraft models, engineers naturally have access to all spare parts. If this is not the case, a CAD model of a required component is usually available. With older machines, on the other hand, it can happen that certain spare parts are no longer available and the original CAD files simply no longer exist.

In this case, reverse engineering is the only way to get the parts you need.

Reverse Engineering Luftfahrt
Reverse Engineering from Mako-Technics

Are you wondering how the engineers at Mako-Technics go about this? We would be happy to explain how we can help here. In this case, we create a CAD model of the required component. To do this, we scan the required object and digitize it. This gives us a precise point cloud that is ideal for reverse engineering. This enables us to redesign the required spare and wear parts. This means that aircraft downtimes and downtimes on the ground can be reduced to a minimum. Reverse engineering in aviation: A service from Mako GmbH based in Germany.

Do you have further questions about this or about our other services? Do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us! No matter how complex your request is – together we will find a solution.

Are you interested in other topics and areas of application of reverse engineering? Then take a look at our blog! In this you can find out extensive information about many areas related to the industry.

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