How does Reverse Engineering work?

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How does Reverse Engineering work?

Reverse engineering (RE) or backward engineering is the conversion of 3D scan data (point cloud) into CAD-compatible volume data. What sounds complicated at first glance becomes easier to understand on closer inspection. In this article, we will go into the basic RE functions and explain how exactly the remodeling process works.

The Right Software

Each step of the reverse engineering process begins with selecting the right CAD software for your specification. Our service team uses the appropriate software to convert your source file into high-quality CAD data. We provide you with a team of highly qualified engineers. This is how you benefit from experience and commitment. RE becomes child’s play for you.

The project team decides on the details of the remodeling process. In doing so, it agrees on the fastest and most precise type of redesign. Effectiveness is the keyword and precision is your added value.

Precise Reverse Engineering is manual work

The Reverse Engineering is done manually. Structure, geometry, and function must be considered before we start rebuilding. 3D scanners work quickly and precisely. But no matter how good they are. There are always slight tolerances between the real part and the 3D scan. For example, if you want a hole with a diameter of 50mm, our manual measurement ensures that everything really corresponds to the desired size. This is how we avoid deviations. Even in the millimeter range.

Reverse Engineering

More about Tolerances:

3D scanning:

Reverse Engineering

Our team checks the tolerances together with you. We ensure that they meet the requirements of your products and the quality of your Pointcloud or 3D scan data. Manual reverse engineering is a process in which the scan tolerances of the 3D scan file are reversed. This shows the view or the geometric shape of the original part. An initial overview is possible.

3D Pointclouds:

Reverse Engineering

The pointclouds from simulation or quality inspection software are very detailed. The tolerances between Pointcloud and finished CAD files are very small. Therefore, these files are usually used to optimize products for perfect status. Basically, RE works here exactly like the 3D scan. The CAD data can be worked out very precisely. The final comparison between the point cloud and CAD enables highly precise results with absolutely minimal deviations. This ensures the success factor and quality of your product. Our know-how. Your added value.

Teamwork makes projects successful

TEAMWORK is the basis of every successful project. Our engineers work as a team on your data to determine technical details. As a result, we create an end product that impresses with its high quality, functionality and usability. One of the most important members of the team is the person who reverse engineer the data within the software.

They must have excellent personal experience, particularly in the following areas:

• Knowledge of all software functions
• Knowledge of all mouse and keyboard functions
• Building experience
• Determination

But without support from the rest of the team, this person cannot work either. Teamwork is essential. This is why we recommend the best in the industry:

The reverse engineering service. A service that puts teamwork in the foreground when handling projects. This is how your project will also be a success. More on this topic can be found here.


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