Inventor 2022 Has New Features

Inventor 2022

Inventor 2022 Has New Features

In the middle of this year, the software manufacturer Autodesk released the first updates for Inventor 2022. The latest version of this extensive CAD software includes some updates that have been requested by users around the world. So the company listened to its community when updates were released. What changes and optimizations does version 2022 offer compared to its predecessor? The experts from Mako-Technics summarize all innovations for you in this article.

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Autodesk Inventor 2022: What are the new features?

As mentioned at the beginning, Inventor 2022 contains important new functions that have been requested by its own users. These updates and improvements help you, among other things, to manage your own design process and to accelerate networked design processes. However, the new features also reduce the effort required for tasks that have been recurring up to now. In the following, the Mako-Technics team gives you an overview of the new functions that users can look forward to.

  • You can now manage production processes, simplified representations and dimensional deviations in just one single component file
  • Use improved tools for collaboration on BIM projects that make it easier for you to save Revit project files and save them in Inventor
  • To manage configurations and model simplification, create different representations of an assembly in a single document
  • Use the lighting style, camera views and manufacturing information of your 3D model in your 2D drawings
  • A new deployment and installation experience ensures that everyone on your team is using the latest version
  • Inventor 2022 offers improved performance when machining larger assemblies
  • Be more productive with frequently used functions

All Improvements Summarized

The latest version of Autodesk Inventor includes optimizations for:

  • Components
  • Assemblies
  • Translators
  • compatibility
  • drawings
  • And other general improvements

Would you like to get an impression of all the new features directly from the developer? You can do this on this page.

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