Creo Reverse Engineering Extension

Creo Reverse Engineering Extension

Creo Reverse Engineering Extension

With Creo Reverse Engineering Extension (REX), users are able to convert real existing products or components into digital models. The software contains many comprehensive automation functions and also offers the possibility of making profound design changes. In this way, product adaptations are simplified and designs can be reused. The Mako-Technics team has summarized further advantages of this software for you in this article.

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Creo Reverse Engineering Extension

The Benefits of Creo Reverse Engineering Extension

REX is fast and, above all, powerful software. In the following, we would be happy to give you an overview of the advantages for you from the application:

  • Create precise (digital) replications of existing products or components
  • Reuse existing designs at any time
  • The refinement of so-called point clouds and the fast filling of gaps ensures that highly accurate areas are automatically created from the scanned data
  • Benefit from simple and efficient workflows
  • Use the same CAD program for product design and reverse engineering
  • With this software you can react quickly and effectively to changes in the market at any time

Strong software for precise Reverse Engineering

The Mako GmbH team also often relies on Creo software solutions. The software enables development times to be shortened and production costs to be reduced. Design integrity is maintained at all times by accurately capturing the design intent of the original product. Companies can benefit from Creo Reverse Engineering Extension, as this software can identify differences between a finished model and the facet data. In this way a precise analysis is possible.

A variety of Creo Solutions

Another software tool from Creo is the 3D CAD software Parametric. The developer offers a wide variety of solutions for a wide variety of applications.
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