Creaform Provides Three New Solutions


Creaform Provides Three New Solutions

Creaform is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of portable 3D measurement technology and engineering services. The company recently released three new solutions that are used in the field of automated quality assurance. In this article, the Mako GmbH team goes into more detail about this provider and introduces you to its new solutions.

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Who are Creaform?

Creaform is a provider that develops and sells automated 3D measuring devices. Companies worldwide rely on the products and solutions of this provider, which is headquartered in Lévis, Canada. This manufacturer offers innovative solutions for applications in the areas of 3D scanning, reverse engineering, product development and quality assurance. Creaform products are used in a wide variety of industries and areas. Including the automotive industry, aerospace and many more.

The company has sales offices in various countries around the world. These include, for example, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Spain and many others.

What solutions does the company offer?

As mentioned at the beginning, Creaform recently presented new products. The provider continues to provide quality assurance solutions directly on the production line. The Mako-Technics team took a closer look at these new solutions. In the following we would like to give you a detailed overview.

The MetraSCAN-R Black, a fully customizable layout of the turnkey 3D scan CMM CUBE-R and a new version of the VXelements platform were presented.
The MetraSCAN-R Black Elite HD offers higher speeds and repeatability for demanding applications thanks to an improved field of view. It uses 96 laser lines and performs 3,000,000 measurements per second. Ideal, for example, for use in the automotive industry.

The reissued version of VXelements LTS was geared towards long-term support. It is available exclusively for R-series products. Users can now enjoy longer software maintenance.

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