Catia for Incredible Reverse Engineering


What is Reverse Engineering Catia?

Catia is one of the leading software providing computer-aided engineering solutions. It is in use all around the world for fast and accurate prediction of the model. It also involves several tools to design the product and provides various options for enhancement of the product development process. Mako-technics uses CATIA for efficient and fast reverse engineering and offers high quality and reliable models. Our Engineers know how to make full use of the capabilities of this wonderful software. Catia uses Spline Modelling that allows high-level precision. Volumization system of Catia and accuracy of the Spline modeling allows us to treat all traditional problems. By using these characteristics, we create the most accurate models fit for industrial use. If you are looking for help in creating the perfect 3D model, Mako-Technics can help.

Catia for high quality models

Catia is simple and easy to use the software. It uses STL data or the point cloud to rebuild the parts. We make efficient use of this software to convert the physical prototype shapes into virtual 3D models.  It is done by enhancing the style and shape of the model. We create coherent models which can be easily transformed to their physical forms. We know that manipulate the Point clouds flexibly for the optimization of the digitized shapes. We can also conduct a robust inspection of the scan models to improve the quality of the developed models.

Our Services

Modelling geometrically well-defined shapes or aesthetically smooth surfaces is comparatively easy. However, modelling free-form surfaces can be challenging and we are ready to go an extra mile to give you a quality product.  It is even more accessible by the native tools available in Catia and by using them we provide accurate and quality free form modelling service to our valued customers. We also offer parametric data so you can use it to induce quick changes in the model at any time in the future. Contact our specialists to know more about our services and ask for free samples of our work.

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